Friday, April 3, 2009

Tour stop 2: Purple pixie palace

Alivia's bedroom is the one kids' bedroom that has not undergone a face lift, but deserved its due on our tour nonetheless.

I'm not willing to part yet with the calm purple stripes in her room, and she was agreeable to keeping things the way they are (we secretly discussed it's the best room in the house). My affection for the room is tied to memories of rocking her to sleep on my shoulder while sitting in a chair near the window. Would new paint cover up these memories? Probably not, but the feel of the room as it was, and is now, keeps them close.

She is the only girl in the house with her own room, and tends to be somewhat protective of it. Just last week she had locked the door after leaving her room so as to keep Trace out. Clearly, he's not welcome often.

Being the room's sole resident affords her a bit more space and, therefore, privilege of being keeper of the upstairs bookcase. She appreciates having a book handy at all times and has appointed herself librarian, keeping an eye on who pulls what book off the shelves.

Perhaps the highlight of Alivia's room is the abundance of all things animal. She has a large collection of turtles, both stuffed and ceramic, which are constantly being rearranged. The twilight turtle, a birthday gift from Aunt Jeanne, turns her room into a personal planetarium each night when the lights go out, and has also lured more than one visitor to our house into the bathroom with all four kids for demonstration purposes (suckers).

Owls, frogs, even a turkey and praying mantis can be found in Alivia's animal kingdom. She provides a wonderful home to any small creature.

Sleep tight, little pixie, amidst your raincoat-clad squirrel and swaddled turtle, your room is a snug little corner of our home.

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