Friday, November 6, 2009

If you give a kid a $20

If you give a kindergartner a $20, she'll stuff it deep into the pocket of her Levi's. Then she'll ask for her jacket, her backpack and head out the door to the bus.

While waiting for the bus, she'll discuss all the possibilities the $20 holds. Paperback, hardback, read herself, read with mom, cat illustrations for Alysse, puppy tales for Trace.

Once the bus is seen coming down the street, she'll announce she's going to go shopping like mom and be home later with her picks.

Three and a half hours later, she'll stagger down the bus steps loaded down by the loot in her bag. She'll then issue warnings that no one is to touch her purchases.

Once inside, she'll unload her book fair buys ... all five of them (and a bonus super stealthy pink ink pen). Books in hand, she'll immediately launch into a full-fledged reenactment of the book fair shopping adventure - which will play out again and again in the coming days with siblings as customers.

Punching the buttons on the toy cash register at the make-believe book fair she'll remember the $20 she left with that morning. And chances are, she'll then dig into the pocket of her Levi's and pull out the two nickels that are your change.

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