Saturday, November 28, 2009

Groovin' guests

Fact #1: Apparently our children can be dressed up, taken to the city and attend a wedding without delaying, disrupting or bringing the whole thing to a halt.

Fact #2: Jason's cousin Rachael is Alivia and Alysse's new favorite person. In fact, Rachael has her very own fan club, headquartered in our home.

Fact #3: Our children can rock a wedding reception. I'm not sure anyone on the dance floor had ever seen some of the moves they pulled out. They danced and danced.

Fact #4: They danced some more.

Fact #5: To all those who said we'd have no problem getting them to sleep after all the aforementioned dancing - here's a shot taken at the mid-point of our drive home from Columbus (10:41 p.m. to be exact). Not a closed eye among them.

Fact #6: Jamie and Matt, four of your youngest guests couldn't have had a better time. Thanks for including us and best wishes in your life together.

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rachael! said...

I love these pictures! I had so much fun with them. So glad the blankets I gave them last year still come in handy! See you all soon