Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas countdown, day 16

Imagine me saying bad things about blogger here. There were no photos for day 16, but instead video clips of everyone USING their gift.

The clips are funny, amusing and somewhat hard on the ears, but the world will never experience them as I can't get them to upload properly. Instead you are left to imagine Alena portraying Taylor Swift in singing "Last Christmas"; Alivia singing "Happy Birthday to You"; Alysse singing "We Wish You a Merry Christmas"; and Trace singing "Red Solo Cup" all in an elf-like voice.

Package number 16 contained four Merry-Okee microphones. The just is that you sing in the microphone and it's able to output your voice in elf version. They were a huge hit, and the fun was captured much more accurately in video format than photos. That is, if you can get your videos to load.

At any rate, the singing continues, and chances are the world is better for not having seen and heard our video footage.

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