Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas countdown, day 19

This surprise just may be the hit of the year. To understand, though, let's get a little backstory.

Everyone knows the antlers and reindeer noses you can spot on cars here and there around town during the holidays. Trace has taken a serious liking to these automobile decorations. As in, a liking that nearly causes me a stroke every time he spies a reindeer themed car ... pointing, shouting, sheer delight.

Having realized his fascination with stuffed antlers on passenger windows and a big red nose on the grill wasn't waning during December, I told him if we came across a set, I'd just have to get it so HE could ride around in a reindeer car.

Well, he came across a set in package number 19. Everyone was thrilled with the contents, but Trace found it necessary to bust out in dance.

The Suburban reindeer is suited up and ready to take flight to preschool tomorrow morning, and Trace can't wait for the ride.

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