Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas countdown, day 8

(Also known as the day we find out which one
- or none - of our four children know their mother well.)

Alivia (reading the hint tag on the package): "Christmas Countdown 2011 - Mom likes this one best."

Alivia: "Cookies."

Alena: "Cookies."

Alysse: "Help."

Trace: "Cookies."

For the record, and future reference for my lovelies, cookies are NOT my favorite. I'd take a brownie, slice of cheesecake or jazzed up cup of Starbucks coffee over a cookie any day of the week. I think they were projecting their favorites as mine. And, dear, sweet Alysse, I do in fact LOVE help. An empty dishwasher is well worth my spent 50 cents.

They quickly learned my favorite countdown gift is one that contains holiday pajamas. Tucking flannel sheets around a little snuggler dressed in snowflake (or Santa-hat-wearing dinosaur) jammies warms a mom's heart.

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Anonymous said...

Just when I was thinking I need to come up with more creative clues....Nothing could top this! Thanks for sharing Yvette!