Friday, March 7, 2008

Bye-bye baby, bye-bye

Open the coat closet door and she comes puttering along, almost in a baby run. If she has her way, she'll be headed out the door in no time. Alysse loves to go "bye bye."

Just mention the words and she heads in that direction. Give her a chance to reach the coat closet and she'll pull hats and gloves out of the basket that holds them until she finds the one that belongs to her, and then gives it her best shot to get the hat on herself. She loves an adventure.

Arms flap at the thought of a trip out and it really doesn't matter where the destination might be. The store, a preschool drop off, even just a short, no-getting-out stop at the bank drive thru.

She's always the first one buckled in the car, I dare not put anyone in before her, as she switches into instant panic and tears for fear she's being left behind. Can Target be that exciting? Well, okay, maybe some days.

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Gina said...

Target is totally that exciting! (Bank drive-thru, not so much.)