Monday, March 31, 2008

Swing batter, batter

Baseball hats were on before butts hit the breakfast table, and were the very last thing Alena and Alivia took off before showers tonight.

Today we celebrated the Cincinnati Reds' Opening Day. Explaining the concept of a season starting was a bit abstract at first, but my little fans soon got the hang of team spirit.

We spent time this morning painting pieces for a baseball buddy cut-and-paste activity. Alena and Alivia love to paint, and enjoyed having a project to paint, as opposed to the freestyle pieces they usually create. We also colored pictures of the Reds' mascot, Gapper, as we talked about the mascot and going to baseball games.

Peanuts were a must for our opening day party. We opted to roast our own, which the girls love to do. And everyone enjoyed warm peanuts before lunch while we took in the start of the Findlay Market Opening Day parade.

Lunch consisted of ballpark food ... hot dogs, chips and dip. We also threw in some string cheese, an apple and grapes for good measure.

We wrapped up our Opening Day celebration by gluing together our little baseball guy projects and the girls were thrilled with their finished projects. And during a break in the rainy drizzle, Trace and Alysse topped the day off with a ride in, what else, our red wagon, of course.

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Daddy said...

I sure do like those baseball buddies you guys did! They are nice! Daddy is really sorry he could not be there to be part of the party! I'll be home soon! Love you all very much!