Saturday, March 8, 2008

Little blizzard babies

"The snow is extra big today," Alena called from the hill in our backyard. Yep, a good 10 inches makes for extra big snow, alright.

Hitting Alivia at the knees, or higher in some spots, she was left stranded without a hand to hold onto.

"Move me, daddy, move me," she pleaded from her snow perch. Falling to her tush left her completely immobile, stiff from the layers she was bundled in.

After five or ten minutes of trying to maneuver herself in the white stuff, Alivia gave up and headed in (pulled in, actually). Apparently, too much snow is too much when you're pixie sized.

Alena, on the other hand, loved the extra big snow. She flopped around in it like a fish and enjoyed sliding downward once she and dad had created a path for the sled.

Okay, we've had our fun, now, out with the snow in the with new.

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