Monday, March 3, 2008

Road trip

A two-hour Saturday road trip without any stops for crying, pottying or fighting landed us in Lima, Ohio, home to MawMaw and Buzz (Jason's mom and dad) and Tracy's Appliances (their business).

One could never have guessed how much fun four little kids can have in an appliance store. Rows of washing machines, ranges and dishwashers allow for imaginations to run wild. The girls did laundry (washing their underwears), folded the clean clothes and cooked peanuts, cookies and God only knows what else.

Trace and Alysse had lots of room to roam among aisles ... all uncharted twin territory. Little legs can make good time when there's a whole new space to discover. And Trace was in seventh heaven with a large selection of dishwashers to inspect.

While the Scott kids brought more squeals and, let's call it, "enthusiasm" to Tracy's Appliances than it's probably seen in a while, we did manage to leave the store standing when lunchtime called with cheeseburgers, root beer and pie.

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