Thursday, April 3, 2008

Darlings, you look marvelous

Beauty was the theme of the day around here. Anything girly, outlandish and crazy fit into our painting up, dressing up, dolling up fun. The day's highlights are best told with the photos below.

Decisions, decisions: "Which crown will best match my Steelers outfit? Maybe I could wear them both."

Hot Mama Red: Cover your eyes Old Grandma ... we got all hussied up with our bright red nails.

Is Kiss looking for a new member?: "I wonder if I bat my fake eyelashes too if it would speed up the polish's drying time?"

Is Barnum and Bailey hiring?: Eyelashes and costume combined, she could make a wonderful clown/performing tiger hybrid.

Hands off: "Buddy, you better not lay a hand on my compact."

Wishful thinking: "If I say bibbity, bobbity boo loud enough will it all go away?"

You want me to do what with this?: The gritty, apricot face scrub I thought the girls would at least find intriguing was met with a reaction more closely resembling disgust.

Curly-q dreams: After showers, we rolled the girls' hair hoping for some morning curls. Let's just hope I'm not removing hair rollers at 2 a.m.

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