Tuesday, April 22, 2008

One, two, three, cheese

It's taken 14 months, but I've learned to have our photos taken in smaller groups. The clothes, patience (little people), snacks and patience (big people) needed for everyone to get their photos shot in one visit is too much for us.

Now, two visits and we're talking. Less wait time, fewer little people to keep clean and happy and less stress for mom and dad.

So, a double visit to our Babies 'R Us store today and we've got the results below to show for our $3.59 per gallon gasoline (and yes, we drive one of those gas-guzzling SUVs and yes, we did our fair share of polluting on Earth Day of all days).

Supermodel at three

Alena has come full-circle with the picture taking thing. This is the child that required two trips to the studio to have her photo taken once just a few short months ago. Today her near-fit was due to the fact that she wanted her picture taken "more." Go figure.

Easy does it

Alivia has to be a photographer's dream come true. She listens, she cooperates, she smiles. It takes just minutes to get a few poses shot. I'm struck at how grown up she seems to be getting. While she still asks to be held and confuses her right shoe for her left and vice versa, she's getting so big.


Can't you just see it written all over his face? Enough said.

Not quite a smile

While she's not wearing the priceless smile that's hers and only hers, this is the best professionally taken photo we have of Alysse to date (minus those from the very newborn stage). So incredibly cute, this little sweetie just doesn't photograph well. I believe it's all the "stuff" around her in a studio. Lights, camera, strangers. She immediately tenses and is leery. As soon as she's removed from the area, she returns to her normal self. A photo doesn't due her beautiful little face justice.

Surprise, surprise

Apparently it can be done: Trace and Alysse in a photo together sans tears. A sharp contrast to the infamous Christmas card photo, huh?

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