Thursday, July 12, 2007

Our picture day(s)

Even I'm not crazy enough to take our crew to the photography studio on my own ... a local greenhouse, yes; Home Depot, yes; Babies 'R Us, yes; but pictures, um, no. So, with four extra hands, we headed out last Friday with freshly pressed outfits, and dreams of photos so beautiful they'd bring tears to a mother's eye.

Not so fast.

Trace, bless his little heart, was relatively agreeable to the proposition. A bit skitish in nature, he adapted to the strangers and noise around him surprisingly well. He cooperated fairly well, given he was ready to eat by the time it was our turn in front of the camera.

Alysse, the most laid back and go-with-the-flow in the group, immediately disliked the photographer or her voice, and would cry every time she was placed in front of the camera or the photographer opened her mouth. We managed to get one shot and she was D-O-N-E.

One in the flock refused. Okay, fine. "You don't have to have your picture taken," I reassured this little angel of mine (I'll not name names and let you all decide for yourselves who this little angel was). But this very loud and tearful refusal left the remaining child questioning whether this adventure was "safe." The photographer was able to get one snap of subject number two before she fell under the spell of the screamer.

After a second trip to the studio two days later, the lone unphotographed one finally did acquiesce after bribery and promises that the photographer would not talk to or touch her.

Below are the results. Each brings tears to their mother's eyes, wondering where the time has gone and grateful for each beautiful smile.

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Gina said...

Yvette, don't be lying on those babies! They look like perfect little angels who wouldn't ever give their momma a hint of disagreement.


(Spoken like a true childless woman, right?)

Looove the photos. Thanks SO MUCH for sending them my way. I can add them to the photo of my BFF and I that hangs at my desk.