Tuesday, July 31, 2007

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to

Still a bit of a mystery in our house, Alena has started having parties.

One minute everything is business as usual, the next time you turn your head, the living room floor is covered with any combination of things and she announces she's "having a party." Why she throws these parties, who's invited or how long they'll last is never quite clear.

The first happened last Thursday. We didn't realize we were having a party until we couldn't walk through the living room. Attempting to photograph the event, dad elicited tears, then all out crying, as she didn't want the party documented.

Friday brought about another. Still unsure what brings on a "celebration," I figured we were kicking off the weekend.

This morning she threw the biggest one yet. Not only did she drag out toys and other kid items, but also a flower arrangement and framed picture she confiscated from one of the living room's end tables.

This evening, upon telling him she hosted another party today, her dad asked if she's going to be a party planner ... you know, I can see it as a possibility.

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