Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Life through her eyes

The entire world's alive in Alivia's eyes. The living extends beyond family members, pets and her new-found bug interest. The inanimate comes to life when she's around.

Ever seen an almost two-year-old have a lively exchange with a kitchen chair? Probably not, unless you've witnessed Alivia run head on into one of ours, and then place the blame on the wooden piece of furniture. After giving it a piece of her mind, a few squawks and an evil look or two, she'll stomp off.

"Stinkin' chair," she'll conclude. "Get out of my way."

If it's in her way, within her reach or of any interest to her whatsoever, it's alive.

Still using her little potty that sits just inches off the floor for the sake of convenience (two little girls and one downstairs toilet makes for constant warfare as everyone miraculously has to use it at the same time ... you catch my drift), she and I headed to the bathroom to empty the handled bowl she had filled.

I dumped its contents into the toilet, and told her to flush it down. Face buried in the opening of the toilet seat, with only the back of her head visible to me, she lets out a "Don't look at me poopy."

Apparently she didn't like how her excrement was looking up at her from the bowl ... go figure. I wasn't aware that it had eyes, let alone a "look" that she found offensive.

Even the most innocent book should watch out when she's around and looking for trouble. Picture this. She puts her selection on the couch, and proceeds to climb up and perch herself on its cushions. In the process, she knocks the book to the floor. Down she goes after it, picking it up and starting the process all over. Once again, the book slides off and she's annoyed.

"I've had it with you book," she'll reprove the unsuspecting copy of "This is the House that Jack Built."

Her personification of all things is a great source of amusement for her father and I. You never know just what might jump out and attack her next - the door frame, our dining room table, her baby doll stroller - or more importantly the approach she'll take in correcting said object. A glimpse of the world through her eyes makes everything seem more alive.

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