Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Glamour pusses galore

Anarchy reigns when a dad goes out of town for a few days. Especially when the dad leaves behind three drama queens, some of which moonlight as hot mamas. The feathers started flying Friday, less than 24 hours after his departure for Ft. Loramie, Ohio and his annual Country Concert getaway.

As if the head hot mama needed any encouragement, Aunt Mandy came bearing gifts of feathered velvet gloves and more costume jewelery than a little girl can keep on at the same time. A trip to Wal-Mart and the costume section of the toy department later and we had glittery wings and boas that can double as slinky back-up singer dresses. I'm beginning to think we need an addition to the house just to store all the get-ups we continue to acquire.

Little Liv got in on the hot-mama action as well with her purplicious evening gloves and earrings that tap her cheeks when she turns her head quickly from side-to-side. While she eventually settled into her Cincinnati Reds shirt and short outfit, let it be known that she doesn't mind a little hot-mama action every now and then.

The highlight of the hot-mama parade was when Alena laid claim to a bathing suit her mother wore on a honeymoon cruise (and will never again wear thanks to our three little drama queens and a handsome little devil). The suit's bottom fell below her little knees and its push-up bra cups sat well beneath where they needed to be.

Needless to say, after adequate adjusting and modeling, she packed the bathing suit in her storage unit on wheels (aka. her baby doll stroller) before taking a nap. Just because she's broken onto the hot-mama scene, she's never forgotten her bag-lady roots.

Beauty ran amok for three days. And yes, dad owes Trace big time for leaving him behind in a house full of glamour pusses (although, he did receive a nice fanning from the glamour puss queen with a pink-feathered hand fan).

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melissious said...

I can safely say, this scenario will never EVER happen in my house. Mine are all boys. ha ha