Friday, July 13, 2007

Only in our house

I'd be willing to lay down money that the following sights have only be seen within the four walls of our home. Prepare yourself, and take note that no staging, prompting or assistance was given to any subject whatsoever ... these scenes were ready and waiting.

Glam it up baby

Ever wonder what a four-month old looks like with earrings? This is it. Alena, finding herself in a generous mood, decided to share her clip-ons with Alysse. To to Alysse's credit, she didn't seem to mind the look.

There's something about Alivia

An after-dinner trip out for ice cream brought about this mess. Alivia enjoyed her scoop of vanilla with candy sprinkles. If you look closely, you can see a blue sprinkle in her hair. How we got from a small cup of ice cream to this, I'm not quite sure.

Available for styling consults

This is what Alena came up with the other night after doing her own hair. You can tell by the photo she was proud of her work. If you're in need of an evening look for an upcoming night out, let her know, she'd be glad to help.

Poor Trace

Trace ... poor, poor Trace. He's just glad to have survived another week surrounded by what you've seen above. One more week down, 17 1/2 years to go.

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