Sunday, July 22, 2007

Me little blonde pixie

Alivia has rightfully gained the nickname little blonde pixie this summer. The more time she spends in the sun, the lighter her little blonde head becomes. She's too ornery to be a fairy, but along the lines of a sprite. Her way about life makes me think "Tinkerbell" ... she's my pixie.

In addition to her new nickname, this summer has seen the creation of her own catch phrase, or phrases, as it may be.

Any instance in which she should say "my," she substitutes a "me." Most of her speech patterns follow what she hears Alena saying. So understandably, more times than not, a word that begins with an "f" sounds as though it begins with an "s," as this is how Alena speaks. As a result, "foot" in our house is actually pronounced "soot," and "frog" comes out "sog." Spend a little time with the girls, and you'll begin to get it.

This new my/me switch-up, though, is her own twist on the Scott family lingo. And more times than not, I crack a smile when I hear her talking about "me daddy" or "me shoes." While I'm convinced she sounds as though she's spent some time down under, Jason and I are still debating exactly what country it is she sounds as though she's spent some of her 21 months visiting.

Last week I thought I'd try and teach her proper grammar and correct this "my/me" confusion. As she discussed washing "me hands," I said, "my hands." She repeated after me, saying it correctly. Again, I said "my hands," and again, she mimicked my language.

As she ran away with wet hands flying through the air, she was calling out for "me soggy." For now, I guess it's staying "me." As much as I'm troubled by poor grammar, I'm more amused by me pixie.

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