Tuesday, July 3, 2007

She's one hot mama and knows it

Prancing around the living room in her stars and stripes bikini, sunglasses and purple high-heeled slippers complete with purple faux fur across the top of her feet, Alena said, "I'm a hot mama." How could I argue? If you've got it, flaunt it.

We've got several get-ups that make her a hot mama. Some of her props include pink hair, a tiara, rubber boots, Mardi Gras beads that resemble dice, numerous purses and an abundance of hair accessories. Anyway she combines them, she knows when she's got the hot-mama look going.

It's amazing the things she knows now. The things she says ... to Jason and I, to Alivia, to Trace and Alysse. Sometimes, I hear the words coming out of her two-and-a-half-year-old mouth, but have to look up to make sure she's not 11 and I somehow missed the last eight and a half years.

As I held Trace and Alysse both in my arms one night preparing to take them upstairs and put them to bed, she says, "Be careful mom, you don't want to fall with both those babies." Is she really just two?

On a recent trip out and about, she spotted a gas station. "Dad, do you need some gas?"

"No," he replied, looking at me, "We're good right now." Should she be concerning herself with the gas gauge years before she has a license of her own?

I sometimes wonder if she was forced to grow up too quickly. Did she not get to be the baby long enough?, I guess is the better question. Was 13 months too early to be robbed of being the youngest under our roof?

While I cannot lengthen her babyhood, I take solace in knowing she's a happy kid. That, I don't have to doubt. Full of life, sass and personality. Yet, at the same time, she holds on to an innocence that's so special I hope she never lets it go.

Maybe she knows too much (a baby needs to be burped after a couple ounces of formula), can do too much independently (complete an entire potty trip on her own) and is aware of things other kids her age wouldn't think of (while taking her bunny for a walk outside in her doll stroller, she'll stop to put the shade over his head to make sure he's out of the sun), she's happy and full of love. At the end of the day, that's all I wish for her.

Besides, if you're a hot mama at the age of two and smart enough to know it, you've got something going for you.

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Gina said...

That outfit is fantastic, girl!