Friday, April 4, 2008

Field of dreams

Today's theme was no theme other than getting out and about. I would have loved to have spent the day wandering the Cincinnati Zoo, but remember the dry, gorgeous 70 degree weather we're lacking? So, I let the little ones make the call.

I suggested a trip to the Cincinnati Museum Center's Children's Museum and was met with blank stares and no enthusiasm. Okay, next idea.

Over breakfast the girls decided a trip to ride Nemo and a visit to Papa's work was what they wanted to do. Fair enough, we can do that. I'd be willing to bet you could offer them abundant candy for the rest of their lives along with more Disney movies than they could ever watch, and they'd still pick a single trip to ride the little aquatic-themed three-seat carousel at the mall.

First up, Cincinnati Mills Mall and the "Nemo ride." After three turns on the carousel I had to cut my bunch off as there were two other mothers whose children were patiently waiting their turn (note Alena's less than thrilled expression faced with this scenario). Thinking ahead, I had driven through the bank and gotten a roll of quarters. Had the other small riders not been waiting, my little riders would have burned through the rest of the roll with seven additional rides.

The only thing that tops a Nemo ride for Alena and Alivia is a Nemo ride followed by a trip into the adjacent "Claire's" store. Yes, I'm a sucker, so "Claire's" was next

Amidst all the lip gloss, jewelry and little purses, we settled on two pairs of Hello Kitty sunglasses. They each need another pair of sunglasses like they each need another hole in their head, but sunglasses are less messy than lip gloss in the hands of preschoolers, so I gladly obliged their choice.

A quick spin around the Bass Pro Shop to look at the fish, bear and moose and we were packing up for the Hoosier state. A drive through McDonald's for happy meals, which ALWAYS make the girls happy, and we were ready to share lunch with Papa before heading off to work with him.

When first walking into the toolshed where Papa keeps all the tractors and other farm equipment, I wondered if our visit had been a mistake. The girls were hesitant that one of the enormous tractors would start up and Alena found many things to be "dirty."

After a short tour, though, Papa finally coaxed them to climb into a tractor cab with him. From that point, he probably wished they had remained timid. They had their behinds in a John Deere or two, a 2870 Case and an International Harvester combine. And upon planting their butts in each, there followed about 3,000 questions.

Trace and Alysse also took in all the sights, but were most happy driving a little John Deere Gator that just suited them.

Once we returned home, the remainder of the day was spent playing and reading books. Really, could there be any better finish? Oh, yeah, only a story about how Papa plants corn and beans each spring and then hopes for rain and sunshine to make them grow so that he can combine them in the fall ... told repeatedly while getting your hair put up in rollers.

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