Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A day in our lives

These photos were all taken Sunday around the Scott house. They provide a glimpse of a day in the life of four crazy kids and two crazier parents.

What can even be said about this one? The shirts say it all.

I couldn't resist posting this one. How cute are they? There's some special connection between the two of them already. Alena is definitely Alysse's favorite person.

Alena tells me she is Aunt Mandy drinking beer in this one. She knows dad drinks beer and Aunt Mandy lives at the swimming pool during the summer, therefore, one plus one equals Aunt Mandy drinking beer in the pool. Apparently Aunt Mandy doesn't wear a bathing suit either.

Not sure who has it rougher in this one. Okay, in all fairness, it was Father's Day!

Okay, I'm the mom and therefore allowed to find them adorable. Besides, he's the only little Griffey I'll ever have.

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