Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Punxsutawney Liv update

Today we set off on another walk and it was Punxsutawney Liv's day to pick our route. Wouldn't you know it, she immediately cuts left, leaving the sun at her back. Instantly, "shadow" comes out of her mouth, and I briefly considered running the opposite direction, leaving my little crew in the dust.

Not another block moving at a snail's pace, with the equivalent of toddler profanity, all at the mercy of a pint-sized shadow. Then a mom miracle happened, she took off in a trot, chanting, "go shadow, go shadow."

"What is she saying?" I asked Alena, certain my ears were misinterpreting the toddlerese. "Go shadow, go shadow," Alena said laughing. "What do you think that's about?" I then asked, more to myself than Alena. "Liv's shadow," she replied, laughing again.

Please, I prayed, just let us get to the corner before she changes her mind. In the blink of an eye the little trotting groundhog was at the end of the block, ahead of all of us by six feet or so, waiting. We all joined hands, crossed the street and left her shadow behind. Amazing.

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