Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Goodbye diapers, hello panties

By George, I think she's got it. Jason says I shouldn't count my chickens before they hatch, but I'm going to count them. Alivia has worn big girl panties for the last two days and managed to keep them dry from morning to bath time. According to my count, that leaves us just two more to potty train ... we're half way there!

I figure if she can keep herself dry two days in a row, we're almost there. Yes, I expect there to be an accident here or there as she tests out her little bladder, and a learning curve as she ventures into the public restroom arena, but I'm chalking this one up as potty trained.

She had me wondering just how long it was going to take. While we didn't have any "intensive" training as Alena required, Alivia posed a whole different set of obstacles. Hurdle one being that, bless her heart, she's one of the messiest children going. Whether its her lunch smeared and smashed all over her face, shirt and hair; a dirty diaper she's worn while engaging in a wrestling match with Alena; or anything nasty she can find outdoors, it just doesn't faze her.

Once she got the idea that poopy in her diaper wasn't nice and that big girls use the potty for that, we faced the challenge of her "take-it-or-leave-it" attitude. One day she'd show promise that maybe she was ready, the very next, she'd dirty her training pants every chance she got.

A typical reward didn't work with her either. An M&M for going potty? Sure, sounds good this time. An hour later, she wasn't in the mood, so she'd wet herself, then come to you with a clean pair of training pants, wishing to be changed.

The most frustrating part was that while Alena wanted to be potty trained, she had to learn what it felt like when she needed to go. Alivia on the other hand, knew exactly what she needed to do, what it felt like, but just refused to use her little potty seat.

Finally, Aunt Angie suggested using plastic Easter eggs to hold a variety of treats. Maybe it would be an M&M this time, but a gummy worm next time. Adding an element of surprise might work, she offered.

Armed with a bucket of plastic eggs, we set out to try again after a two-week hiatus since our last attempt. Low and behold, it worked.

In all fairness, I had to let Alena play the game too. I didn't have the heart to give Liv the treats for her efforts and not reward Alena too, eventhough she's a seasoned pro. Besides, I thought, letting Alena get the first egg just might provide a little incentive for Alivia not to be outdone. Sure enough, success.

I'm not quite sure if it's the anticipation of picking an egg and discovering what's inside, or the fact that if big sister's going to get an egg, by God, she's going to get one too. No matter. Either way, she's making pit stops and sporting stylish Care Bear panties.

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melissious said...

That is so awesome. How in the world did you do that? My twins will be 3 in September and I haven't even started potty training. They don't care if they're poopy or anything. Their older brother was almost completely potty trained by the time he was 2! I don't think they'll ever be potty trained. Oh well, do you think they'd take care of that in kindergarten??