Monday, June 11, 2007

My tiny celestial blessing

Have you ever held a piece of heaven? Not something you compare to heaven, like that sinful slice of chocolate cake that's "heaven" on your tongue. Or something that feels heavenly, like a new cashmere sweater or your baby's softest stuffed animal. But instead, an actual piece of heaven right here on earth.

As I sat holding Alysse, snuggled so warm against me, I knew I was holding heaven in my arms. I can't be certain what makes her so celestial. At other times, cradling our other children, I've felt as though I were rocking a little angel or reminded myself what a miracle babies truly are, but with Alysse, she's simply heaven.

She's everything I would hope heaven to be. Her skin as soft as the clouds on the most magnificent spring day. Her eyes as sparkling as halos that encircle the heads of angels. Her coos more precious than the pearly gates St. Peter attends. The little grin that bursts across her face is brighter than all the stars on the clearest night. The gentle way that she exists makes her unique. She's perfect.

The future holds amazing possibilities for her. Before I know it she'll be talking, walking and finding the mischief all toddlers do. A first birthday, and then a second, will come too quickly. In the blink of an eye, she'll no longer fit so snugly in my arms. But, until then, she's my heaven.

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