Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Our regularly scheduled nap

Nap. Good nap. Alysse. Trace. Please?

Will the two of you please return to your regularly scheduled napping routine?

It's been days since my sweet-faced duo have indulged themselves (and their selfish mother) in a good, two-hour afternoon nap.

While the outcome of this abbreviated slumber means my afternoon to-do list remains undone, the source of greater disruption is that those sweet faces turn into prune-like squawkers by dinner time.

What gives guys?

I know there are teeth coming. I know the house has been full of colds which you've caught. I know I'd love to curl up on these 30-degree afternoons and waste a couple hours with a bunny under my arm and a warm blanket snuggled around me.

As much as your rosy-cheeked faces peeking up from your cribs after nap time makes my heart smile, do you think you could make me wait an extra 45 minutes or so to see them? Let's try.

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