Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Taking a step forward

Wobbling, teetering and shaky, Trace is walking. He's like a little toy soldier with legs kept straight and moving side to side. One foot in front of the other, each one steadier than the last. He's walking and I'm so proud of him. He's so proud of himself.

Alivia's his biggest cheerleader. "Good job, Traceman," she squeals as he walks another stretch. She sees how hard he works and the progress he has made.

Yesterday he made it halfway across the living room, and when the floor is clear of toys or the bodies of his sisters, he can strut the whole thing. Each day he picks up speed, distance and confidence. My little walker.

He loves the freedom. You can see it in his eyes, sparkling with all the potential walking brings. He's proud of this new skill he's mastered, a little chest full and held high.

As he closes in on you, his smile widens and his steps quicken. Just as he reaches you, he leans forward, falling in for a hug to celebrate his big boy accomplishment. I didn't miss a step little guy, mom loves you.

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