Wednesday, January 23, 2008

She's way cooler than mom

Monday's holiday brought with it a visit from my dear friend and Alena's very best friend, Gina. We don't get many visitors of the non-relative variety, so the announcement she was coming brought about excitement, and her ringing of the doorbell sent Alena and Alivia yelling, "It's Gina. It's Gina."

The last time we saw Gina was shortly after Trace and Alysse were born, and while we talk or email from time to time, I do miss seeing her more than we do. At the same time, I'm sure one visit a year to our child-filled house is quite enough for my free-spirited, child-less friend.

It should be noted that Alena clearly remembers Gina's last visit and still hangs on to a photo captured during their inaugural best friend convention. There have also been several Gina spottings since that time in Circuit City advertisement fliers and television commercials.

Within a half hour of Monday's arrival Alena and Alivia would have traded me for her in a minute. She was the coolest kid in school and Santa all wrapped into one, and the way she made over their Playdough creations didn't hurt her case either. They sang songs, did a little dressing up, showed off some stunts and barraged her with toys.

She came bearing gifts of an old dance costume she'd swear she never wore (wink, wink). But, as the saying goes, one man's trash is another man's treasure, and I was cajoled into altering a black velvet skirt that was part of the ensemble which Alena found particularly striking before dinner that night.

The little black ditty now comes out each day for dancing and gets stashed each night before bed in the little step stool next to her bed. That she doesn't let it get very far from her even while sleeping speaks to its treasured status.

I'm quite sure Gina was never so glad to see a visit come to an end ... their little chitter chatter didn't stop her entire stay. Yet, I was thrilled to see her and she deserves a heartfelt thank you for making the day of two little girls.

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Gina said...

Photos of me wearing that dance costume were Photoshopped! ;)

I'm so pleased Alena loved the costume though. (Glad someone likes it.) And she looked even more adorable in velvet fringe. Thank goodness she has a mom who can alter such creations.

It was so much fun spending time with you guys. I can't wait until summer - spigots and turbo slides, wee!