Monday, May 19, 2008


Scenes like these have been rare around our house during the past four weeks or so. In the place of HotWheels and laughter or stethoscopes and sharing have been tantrums, hitting and chaos. Chaos even beyond our norm.

I have two standard responses to the "Boy, you sure have your hands full," comment that we can't avoid being the target of every time we leave the house (Alena can confirm that "People tell Mom that all the time."). There's the smile and "Yes, but they really are good kids," option or the "It really isn't is bad as you might think" reply.

The past few weeks, however, really have been THAT bad, and then some. Thinking back to a year ago, even with two infants and two toddlers to care for, I don't remember being so exhausted, frustrated and utterly defeated as I have recently felt.

The first couple of rough weeks were a seesaw between frustration and hope ... eventually this too would pass and we'd be back to our crazy, but manageable way of life. Next came the this-can't-last-much-longer pleads for mercy. And finally, last week I found myself hoping each night that the next day wouldn't be the one on which I was committed.

Seriously. I wasn't sure how much more screaming, fighting and whining I could endure. I didn't know how much more I could take.

However, the clouds have started to lift (or so I hope). Today saw several spans of three and a half or four minutes of peaceful play fall over the house and the cacophony of arguments and crying subside.

Here's hoping this is a new chapter that will quickly replace the memory of the past few weeks. Let's hope this harmony decides to settle in and stay awhile.

P.S. Today I'm thankful for:

  • Alysse's enormous heart.
  • Alivia's fascination with birds and her interest in all things alive.
  • Alena's new-found ability to keep her hands to herself (and the refrigerator sticker chart that has helped her turn the corner).
  • Trace's ability to say "Mommy" and his use of it three thousand times a day.
  • The five-person wrestling match Jason's homecoming brings with it each afternoon.

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