Sunday, May 11, 2008

New coaster, carousel adventures

A few pictures of our Kings Island outing Friday. Alivia has already asked several times when we're going back. I'm guessing that means they had fun.

Here we come. Alivia and Alena were both behind the wheel.

Look Mom, no hands. My little pixie on her first roller coaster ride. Yes, she was a fan.

Holding on. Alena shared two rides on the roller coaster with dad. Apparently one turn wasn't enough.

Yes, I'm grinning. Alysse loved her ride on the carousel. She didn't want it to end.

You tell me. I'm not sure who's having the most fun here.

The yellow ride. The scrambler, known as the yellow ride to Alena, was the biggest hit of the day.

Amusing snooze. Several hours at an amusement park wears out even the most energetic. A quick snooze and they were ready for more action.

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