Tuesday, May 20, 2008

'Til we meet again

My sweet Alysse:

In one week we'll meet again. I'm counting the days. You'll feel better, I promise. Our reacquaintance will be long overdue and an incredible opportunity.

Days of feeling poorly have turned into months, and one prescription for antibiotics to cure the ear infection(s) have turned into a pharmacist who knows you by name.

It doesn't seem fair your feistiness has been replaced with irritability and your sweetness depleted by pain. A spitfire squelched by little ears that just won't get better and stay that way.

While not the ideal circumstance, if the procedure to place tiny tubes in your ears will improve your quality of life and provide a reprieve from doctor visits and medicine taking, it's an inconvenience well worth it.

With any luck, it will result in a chance for days during which you feel well, energized and spunky. You can be you. Not the out-of-sorts, uncomfortable little body your sick ears have produced.

Also, I selfishly yearn for a chance to rid my heart of the constant tug that you hurt, and doing all I can still isn't enough to make that wretched hurt go away. Some days I can simply look at your small face and know you don't feel well.

You'll need to be brave and know we're doing what seems the most logical means by which to end the months you've spent aching. Soon it will be over and we'll meet once again. The new you. This time hurt-free, happy and hell-on-wheels. I can't wait.

Love, Mom

P.S. Today I'm thankful for:

  • Our children having everything they need.
  • Trace's smooth dance moves.
  • Alivia's brilliant mind.
  • One of the "Best Doctors in America" to perform Alysse's surgery.
  • Alena's outgoing personality.


Katie @ CiN said...

I had tubes twice when I was a kid. My sister had them multiple times. They'll make a world of difference! Best of luck!

Gina said...

Give it up for Cincinnati Children's. Ow! Ow!

Poor sweet Alysse. Is she at Liberty or main? Let me know if she's in Clifton... I'll fetch snacks for you and keep you and your sweet little girl company.