Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cutie patooties (long overdue)

It's true there are a million photos taken of your first baby, fewer of baby number two and even fewer of baby number three. And so it goes, with less frequent visits to the photography studio as your house fills. I swore I wouldn't fall into this photo trap, but sadly, I have.

I'll refrain from saying how long it had been since Trace and Alysse had had their photos professionally taken (not counting the group photo that was taken of all the kids this fall), it's shameful. Please refrain from looking back through the archives to actually find out how long it had been, I'll feel even more ashamed.

So, finally we dedicated the time and energy to trek to the studio, and here are the results. Well worth the wait. Let's call them two-year-old shots taken a couple months early, instead of 18-month photos four months late.

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