Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Totally random thoughts

Today, while doing the mundane, I began to reminisce about the memories I have of the women who deeply cared for me during childhood. I discovered, the fondest memories I have of each are of very simple, ordinary things.

I remember walking in my great-grandmother's living room balancing books on my head with my sisters. She'd tell us to keep our heads up and walk slowly.

I remember jumping rope on my grandma's back porch as she turned the rope (the other end tied to a column near the outside of the porch). I think I would have jumped for hours.

I remember birthday parties at my aunt's house. Lunch was pizza or McDonald's takeout followed by birthday and presents. Casual, easy and memorable.

I remember an after school snack every day and a handmade Halloween costume each year made by my mom. They showed she cared and took the time to do special things for us.

Years from now, I wonder what simple things my kids will remember of me.

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