Saturday, January 31, 2009

Life inside these four walls

Due to snow, ice and cancelled preschool, we hadn't left our house in four and a half days. That's a lot of "together" time within a limited amount of space. During our days together, we

... enjoyed popsicles from the great outdoors in the form of icicles which Alivia refuses to call icicles.

... came up with new and creative ways to play - like taking pretend naps in a large Rubbermaid container (a bit coffin like, if you ask me).

... played red light, green light in the living room with accompanying shrieks and squeals so loud that a ringing doorbell made the runners ask if it was the police at the door (I, too, had to wonder).

... made strides in Trace's liking of the snow.

... played with dollhouses, stringing four of them together to create an entire neighborhood. Who gets to be Dallas (this would be one of our neighbors)?

... actually slept until 8 a.m. on a weekday. This is unprecedented in our house. When I woke up and saw the alarm clock reading 7:56 a.m., I questioned whether everyone else had been gassed. Alena was convinced it was the first day of spring because the sun was so bright in her room ... yeah, that's what happens when you actually stay in bed until the sun gets a chance to rise.

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