Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Where were you when ...?

When you have a mother who considers The Rachel Maddow Show sweet prime time entertainment, you're going to be forced to watch the inauguration of the country's 44th president (though you'd probably prefer Sesame Street).

And while Elmo would trump Joe Biden on your list of favorites, she'll also manage to teach you the difference between the Capitol building and the White House (not only in sight, but purpose) and the definition of the word "motorcade."

And while only one of you will likely remember watching the historic event of such grand proportions that you'll probably get only one or two others like it in your lifetime, all four sets of eyes witnessed the presidential swearing in of Barack Obama. You witnessed history.

And while it will be years and years before you can possibly comprehend the significance of the day, it was one during which your mother's hope was renewed in the future that lies ahead of you. A pure manifestation of good and right, faith and discipline, change and hope.

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Gina said...

They may prefer Elmo now, but in the end, they'll thank you and understand what an imaginative and smart momma they have.