Friday, January 2, 2009

The wonderfulness of nothing

Nothing. Nothing to bake. Nothing to buy. Nothing to wrap. Nothing to plan. Nothing to get to. Nothing to prepare for. Nothing to do.

Isn't it wonderful?

As exciting as the Christmas season is, I'm ready to commit to saying the post season is even better. The hectic rush ... gone. The flurry of this and that ... gone. The stress of it all ... gone.

Since last Saturday, and the last holiday party on our schedule, there's been nothing we've had to do. And it's been wonderful.

The errands we've run have been the "want to" kind versus the "have to" variety. The cooking that's been undertaken has been for the hobby of it instead of because company's coming. The cleaning that's occurred, well, it hasn't.

All the everyday demands and expectations have been replaced by breaking in new Christmas toys, relaxing and enjoying time together. It's as if the pace has slowed dramatically.

There's been time to build train tracks; time for discussions of speed limits and the corresponding signs; time for our new year celebration. Seemingly so much more time.

I'm guessing this little holiday of the not-real-world kind will last only a couple days longer, then it's back to work for Jason, back to school for Alena and the return to our regular routine of things. The speed of day-to-day life will slowly increase until we're back to racing around, but until then, there's nothing.

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