Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Aye, aye Captain

Our little captain. In hindsight this blog should have been called "Three Drama Queens and a Little Captain," as that's the nickname that has stuck with Trace. What follows up the "captain" evolves with time, however.

As a newborn he was called Captain Timex. Every three hours he was ready to eat ... awake, asleep, night or day. While sleeping, it was nearly to the three-hour minute that he'd rise and shine, expecting his bottle. You could have set your clock by his eating schedule. To some extent, it was quite impressive that his tiny body was such a precise timepiece.

Then came the Captain Crybaby or Captain Crypants name. While going through a "I-must-be-held-and-held-and-held" phase, he acquired this nickname. There were days (and we still have one every now and then) when I swore he'd whined and cried more in one day than all three of the girls ever did, put together.

And bless his (not-so) brave little heart. Captain Courageous emerged as he was frightened by any not-so-quiet sound, quick move or sudden blast of noise. While you'd think he would grow somewhat accustomed to the loud, chaotic noises that constantly fill our house (read, the shenanigans of three boisterous drama queens), that just isn't the case. It is the never-let-your-guard-down outbursts that keep him jumping out of his skin.

While the second part is ever-changing, the Captain keeps his first name. So, just call him Captain, for short, unless, of course, you're Alena who sometimes confusedly refers to him as Pirate.

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