Sunday, September 23, 2007

Captain Two Tooth

And we have our first first tooth teeth. Trace's first tooth was spotted Thursday morning, September 20. While feeding him his breakfast cereal, something white caught my attention. Of course, I immediately went in for closer inspection, and sure enough, there it was. Just a little nub of a tooth, but by golly it was a tooth no matter what it's height.

The tooth spotting was actually a welcomed surprise that explained why he had been so crabby earlier in the week. On Tuesday, after a day that could not have had any more whining packed into it, I told him I would have to put him up for sale if he didn't wake up a bit more calm and patient Wednesday. Once I saw the tooth it all made sense. (And no, I would NEVER really put him up for sale!)

Dad found the second tooth just this afternoon while the two watched football in the recliner. Obviously the second wasn't quite as painful as the first, as he was in good spirits yesterday. Nonetheless, Captain Two Tooth is on his way to a full set of chompers. Now, if he could just spread a little teething love Alysse's way.

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