Monday, September 17, 2007

Birthday season is upon us

Like the time between Thanksgiving and New Year's, we have a stretch between the middle of September and Halloween that's our own little holiday season. Beginning with Alena's birthday continuing on with Alivia's birthday and ending with cute costumes, birthday season is upon us in the Scott household.

Alena enjoyed the first of three birthday parties Sunday at Butterbean and Papa's house. She shared the birthday spotlight with Claire, who actually turned three on Saturday. There were balloons, presents galore and two birthday cakes (one of which Alena couldn't keep her hands off). Alena was quick to blow out her set of three candles after everyone sang birthday wishes, and even quicker to dig into her cake and ice cream.

Grandma and grandpa got the presents off and rolling in style with a new set of wheels ... training wheels and helmet included. The shiny red bike is an eye catcher with chrome, basket for transporting the essentials and an "Alena" license plate. And with just a little coaching, Alena was quickly pedaling on her own around the driveway.

Her cute new mode of transportation was followed up by the prettiest, girliest, hot mama pajamas you've ever laid eyes on. Of course, as soon as they were pulled from the gift bag, she was stripping down to try them on. A scooter, roller skates and several very cute outfits were opened wearing the new hot mama threads.

Besides presents and cake, the afternoon also included a miniature pony; haircuts for anyone who needed one; a birthday kiss between Claire and Alena that brought them both to the ground; and a pinata filled with candy three-year-olds love.

We'll be slicing into at least two more birthday cakes this week as we celebrate on her actual birthday, Thursday, and then again Saturday when Jason's family joins in the fun. The candles will be burning, the wrapping paper will be flying ... yep, birthday season is upon us.

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