Sunday, September 9, 2007

Cheeto fingers and terrible towels

Jason declared today a holy day in our house. Not really a holy day in the religious sense, but more so in the "sports fanatic enjoying the first Sunday afternoon of football season" way. And to be quite honest, I think the smaller Pittsburgh Steeler fans in the house were just as pumped as he was.

To celebrate this day of kickoffs, each of the girls got to pick out a bag of chips at the store. Both love the crispy, salty snacks, but get to enjoy them only on a rare occasion, so this in and of itself was a big deal.

Alena picked out a bag of Cheetos, more for the cheetah on the bag than anything else, since she hadn't had them before, and therefore didn't choose on past likes. Alivia selected a bag of zesty taco and chipotle ranch Doritos. And once they were picked from the shelf, they didn't leave her side in the seat of the shopping cart.

Of course, all this snack picking came after they were appropriately dressed in their Steeler jerseys and toting their terrible towels. We had Alena's inflatable Steeler man up and running in the living room ... she hasn't ever missed a football Sunday without putting him up. And the Steeler flag was flying on the front porch ... the girls and dad had it up as soon as breakfast was finished.

In the spirit of the day, lunch consisted of Cheetos, Doritos and football dip. I think it's the most nutritionally void meal the two have ever enjoyed. But they were in their heyday, orange Cheeto fingers and all. Even Trace and Alysse were all smiles in their Steeler onesies as they gobbled down lunch during pre-game and sat munching on puff snacks before kickoff.

While the Steelers got their first regular season win and dad was happy, the girls were in their glory with all our festivities. The jerseys were put away for next Sunday and Alena and Alivia are counting down until the next "touchdown Steeler day." With a whole season ahead of us, here we go little Steelers.

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