Monday, September 3, 2007

Horses and monkeys and ooooos, oh my

For quite some time the pixie has had preferences for some animals over others. Giraffes, monkeys, horses. These seem to be her favorites. Yes, she likes cats too, but faced with the choice of a giraffe or a cat, she'll take the giraffe every time. What draws her to some friends of the furry persuation over others, I don't know, but she's consistent in her tastes.

I've noticed over the last couple months she's taken an interest in owls. Given a shortage of owl toys in our house (everything else we've got ... owls, seem to be a bit scarce), I've observed this developing interest while reading books. She'll gravitate to books and pages with owls. In seconds, she can find the page in the Little People farm book that's got the owl sitting in the hole in the tree and soon she's hooting away.

Low and behold, a week or so ago, she found the lone owl toy in our house. A little blue Weeble© owl stashed away in Alena's room, hidden in the flip-up top of the Weeble© treehouse. I don't think it's gotten far out of her sight since.

Most amusing about this whole owl fascination, though, is that she calls them "ooooos." Not "whoooos" or "hoots," but "ooooos." Why it's an "ooooo," I don't know, but once again, Alivia has given us something to smile about.

"Me ooooo, where's me ooooo?," she'll ask. It still makes me smile. And I've had to hunt down the "ooooo" more times than I'm even willing to count.

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Gina said...

I must say, that is a pretty adorable Oooooh.