Friday, February 8, 2008

39 1/2 healthy, smiling teeth

Alena has 20 teeth and Alivia has 19 1/2. One of Alivia's last two-year molars is working its way in, but isn't quite there just yet. All 39 1/2 look good. We know all of this because they braved their first dentist visits this morning.

After watching me get my teeth cleaned from a distance of about two inches, they each took a turn in the chair and let the hygienist put her little round handled mirror in their mouths and count their teeth.

They both crawled into the chair willingly and had a great experience during their first visit. Beth, our hygienist, deserves much credit for their bravery, as she answered each of their 1.75 million questions asked while she was cleaning my teeth, and let them take part in the whole process. They tasted the toothpaste she used to clean my teeth, examined each of the tools she used and even assisted by handing her a tool or two. She was great with them.

They each have an August appointment for visit number two. An attempt will be made to clean their teeth at this appointment if they are so inclined. We'll see how it goes, but today, they left smiling with their new toothbrushes and Snow White tattoos the dentist helped them pick out.

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