Sunday, February 3, 2008

A perfect weekend for ...

a lunch out. The last time I actually dined out in a restaurant was just a few days shy of a year ago. The last time Alena and Alivia had dinner served to them by anyone other than a relative was approximately October 2006.

Scary, yes, I know. But, let's get real, who wants to be sitting at the table next to our dinner circus when they are trying to enjoy an evening out? Needless to say, the experience was definitely beyond their memories. So, we had two little girls who had no concept of a waiter/waitress, plates brought to you at your table or a check for your meal.

We've been planning for weeks a chance to get out, just the four of us, and enjoy a meal in a "fancy" restaurant. Jason suggested Olive Garden. Fancy enough for a two- and three-year-old. Abundant breadsticks, pizza and noodles ... any kid's perfect meal. Throw in an ice cream sundae for desert and I don't think they could have been any happier.

We enjoyed Saturday's lunch explaining how the hostess seats you at a table, why a bus boy clears the table and watching our two eat off "big" silverware (this opposed to the preschool-sized forks and spoons they eat each meal with at home).

They couldn't have been any better during our hour plus meal, enjoying their food (salad included) and the commotion around them.

A perfect weekend for ...

taking in a little sculpture. Ice sculptures, that is.

Hamilton's IceFest was held this weekend with an "Animal Kingdom in Ice" theme. This biennial event features ice sculptures created by Olympic, international and local ice carvers, along with demonstrations, competitions and other events.

Alivia found the sculptures especially to her liking, given this year's theme. There was a giraffe, elephant, weiner dog and even an owl for her to admire (and touch).

Trace and Alysse were more interested in eating and sleeping than actually appreciating the carved blocks of ice, but braved the cool weather for their first IceFest visit.

A perfect weekend for ...

a vagabond Super Bowl party. What else can you say about this crew?

They enjoyed pizza, Fritos and football dip. Some of them enjoyed eating these Super Bowl party treats wearing tutus, butterfly wings and sequins.

While dad could have done without some of the elaborate costumes at his football party, he was happy to eat his Super Bowl snacks off of plates that didn't have a big Hello Kitty face staring up at him, which did make their appearance during 2006's big game (and he did have someone who's just as excited as he is about his TV to watch with this year).

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Anonymous said...

Hi Yvette,

I love reading your blog. The kids are sooo cute. I drove through hamilton and saw the ice scultpures, they were really cool. I wish you had more pictures!

Dawn (from your mom's work!)