Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Happy birthday to you, and to you

Can it really be that you are one? Have we really had 365 days together already? It seems more like 365 minutes. At the same time, I can't remember my life without you.

Could we rewind? Do it all over again? Given a second go around maybe I'd remember more and worry less, knowing that two makes the time go twice as quickly.

There are so many things to celebrate on this day. Your arrivals, in all their miraculous glory. Your milestones, each a magnificent day to celebrate on its own. Your smiles, a reason in themselves to get up no matter how sleepless the night. Your love, so wonderfully abundant and amazingly selfless.

Our year has been a test, a privilege and a joy. The beginning an exhausted blur of diapers, bottles and learning. The middle a settling in of sorts, as we got to know each other and figure out who needed what and when. The end a whole new lesson in allowing your first attempts at independence and my letting go of the notion that you would both remain completely dependent.

We've made it, and in honor of our first year together, I'm making birthday wishes for each of you.

Alysse, may you always be the spunky little spitfire your mama loves so deeply. You're a rare find in a person who will touch each and every life that welcomes you in. You're filled with love, fiest and laughter, don't let life rob you of any of the three.

Trace, my baby boy, may you never lose your sparkle. A gift of which I'm undeserving, you are my heart walking amidst the world. May you grow to be strong, while always remembering to be tender.

So, happy birthday and cheers to the year ahead. We've got talking, potty training and so much more to look forward to.


jamie tracy said...

That was beautiful. I love the 'real'birthday wishes. We all deserve to read something like that. Happy birthday to the babies...although you won't be able to call them that much longer.

Heather said...

Stopping by from Joy's Hope...

Those little cake fingers are just the cutest!