Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ahhh, finally

After eight days of feeling under the weather - really under the weather - Trace finally had the sparkle back in his eyes today. I can't say that he's completely back to normal, but he's more himself than he's been in over a week. Thank goodness.

His appetite is also on the mend, this being the first day that he's eaten anywhere near his usual quantity since last Tuesday.

The one thing that's definitely not yet returned? His walking. While he managed a few steps on his own tonight, the last couple days have been nothing but a return to cruising around furniture and holding on to walls for support and balance. And before the last few days, he spent four or five days not even making it to his feet.

With any lucky, the walking with follow shortly after the sparkling.

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Lisa Leonard said...

what a beautiful family. full of life and busyness and joy! i got your email and i'll write back tomorrow. xoxo