Thursday, February 28, 2008

A three-ring, multi-sensory experience

We loaded up and headed down to Cincinnati's U.S. Bank Arena this morning for a 10:30 a.m. performance of Bellobration, one of Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey's trio of touring productions. It was a great experience. The kids loved it, we too thought it was a great show.

The company deserves kudos for its all-access preshow opportunity. One hour prior to the performance's start, all ticket holders are able to step inside the three rings to check out costumes, see an elephant up-close and various other vignettes from the event. It was a great chance for the girls to be a part of the circus.

Sitting in my seat, though, the most striking aspect of the production wasn't the animals, the trapeze artists or the clowns. While there were so many things to enjoy and admire, most impressive was the way the performance appealed to each and every one of a child's senses.

Sight. What about the circus doesn't evoke a child's sight? Glittering costumes, magnificent animals and tricks galore. You go to SEE the circus, after all.

Sound. The music throughout the entire show was great. Upbeat, contemporary and appealing to the audience. It made you want to dance in your seat.

Taste. Popcorn, cotton candy, no explanation needed. Christmas for a child's tastebuds.

Smell. As Alena and Alivia took in a pretty close encounter with an Asian elephant during the preshow event, Alena commented to Jason that the elephant needed a bath. Apparently he didn't smell quite as great as she thought he should.

Touch. Now this is the one I thought was missing ... a bit disappointing, I thought, considering all the other sense bases had been covered. Until, confetti came shooting out into the crowd. Wonderful, colorful bits floating through the air and eventually landing on the audience after everyone under 12 had waved their hands in the air trying to grab a bit.

A great experience for all the senses, a terrific chance to spend time together doing something a bit out of the ordinary. Smiles, fun and pointing fingers. Wonderful.

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Gina said...

Aww, how fun!

On Wednesday night Paul and I were trying to get to La Mexicana, our fave Mexican dive in Newport, and we were downtown by the Taylor-Southgate.

We were like, Whoa! There are kids and parents everywhere! What's happening?

It was the circus. I was totally disappointed we didn't go.