Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What to do with a snow day

Preschool was cancelled today, despite Alena's protest and desire to go even without teachers or classmates. We had a whole day stuck inside with snow, ice and cold weather lingering outside the door. What to do?

Let's do some laundry catch up. Alivia loves to load the washing machine with the help of a step stool. The button pushing with resulting beeps adds an even greater allure to the task. Finally, there's the water which "pees" onto the clothes in the washing machine.

Watching the clothes spin 'round and 'round, the water pour in and the bubbles develop takes on new life when observing with preschoolers. Yep, there go your "underwears" again.

And, since it wasn't only preschool that was missed today, but swim day which comes only once a month, we compensated with our own indoor swim party. As much as I'd like to take credit for this wonderfully insane idea, the girls owe Brad and Claire splashes for a wonderfully fantastic break from the winter blahs.

Basement, wading pool, several trips down the stairs with a bucket full of warm water and we had a pool party. The only thing missing was the sun.

Alysse loved the bathing suits, splashing and not-so-typical Tuesday afternoon. Alena demonstrated that she can completely submerge her face in the water and calls it doing the mud puddle (coincidence?). Alivia loved it all.

Trace, feeling better, but still in recovery mode from his ear infection and a nasty bout with the flu wanted nothing to do with the craziness. Although wearing his sporty little swim trunks, he found it safer to sit poolside wrapped in a towel.

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Gina said...

Whoa! This looks superfun.

Thank goodness Alena's fabulous diamond bling didn't fall into the wash!