Monday, December 1, 2008

Days of Christmas, part 1

Counting down the days until Christmas has been made more fun the last couple of years by the big box(es) of advent gifts Jason's mom and dad pack up for the kids. Numbered from one to 24, it gives them something to look forward to each day (always when dad gets home from work) and a concrete way to see the big day drawing closer as the box of gifts gets more empty.

Some days the surprise is something simple and tasty like a bag of holiday M&Ms, which provides a sweet treat for days and days to come. Other times, the gift is more lasting as were the holiday pajamas of last year that were appropriately passed down and being worn again this season. Regardless of the gift's simplicity or greatness, the kids love the "what's in it today?" suspense.

Today's December 1 date signified the start of the excitement and tearing of wrapping paper. After the rush of unwrapping, the kids weren't disappointed with what was inside ... outdoor Santa and snowmen pathway lights. Once they got a practice run light-up on the kitchen floor, dad quickly had them up along the edge of the patio so that everyone can stand at the back double door to admire them (and shout out "Ho, Ho" during dinner).

So, with the little St. Nicks and snowmen glowing outside in the cold, let's commence this Christmas countdown/gift revealing feature ... part 1.

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