Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Days of Christmas, part 16

She's only watched Sesame Street once in her 22 months; however, Alysse loves Elmo. Really, I'm not even sure how she knows Elmo.

Maybe books or the fact that the pediatrician always "looks" for Elmo in her ears when they are being checked. Besides those two guesses, I'm kind of amazed at the origination of her Elmo fascination.

So, when today's gifts were opened and inside were four Christmas ornaments, there was only one she was interested in. The Santa ornament that was given to her by the others just wasn't cutting it after she saw Alivia holding Elmo. She didn't even bother looking the direction of Alena who had Rudolph or Trace who had a snowman. Elmo was it.

It was as though Santa had cooties. Alivia didn't want him either when a trade for Elmo was suggested. Finally, Alena, in a charitable mood, agreed to take the Santa, leaving Alysse with Rudolph for which Alivia did agree to swap for the prized Elmo.

Whew. Who knew Elmo was so popular, especially with one-time viewers?

She was just as big as she could be when it came time to place Elmo on the tree. Look, but don't touch, though, he's all hers.

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