Friday, December 19, 2008

Days of Christmas, part 19

Today's advent gift? A creche.

How many of you need to click on over to to look that one up? Admittedly, I did. Of course, seeing the gift opened, I knew what it was; however, was unfamiliar with the term appropriately naming the gift.

According to, a creche is "a representation of the Nativity scene." Essentially it's the backdrop or stable of the Nativity scene which epitomizes this holy season.

Included with the creche was a book of the Christmas story. Alena and Alivia loved the book, and Alena gave a tour of the creche, pointing out where Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus shall go.

I suspect once the scene has been completed, this will be the highlight of the advent gifting for Alivia. She is surprisingly taken with Nativity scenes this holiday season, and admires them with appreciation much beyond her years.

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