Friday, December 5, 2008

Days of Christmas, part 5

The biggest hit yet was opened today ... all $8 of it. Funny how the most simple of things produce the most affection. Crayons, playdough, cardboard boxes, anyone?

There's a reason why we all remember these classics from our childhoods, but forget our Elmo Live equivalents. In a child's world, there's staying power in the seemingly mundane.

This fifth gift was small in size, yet held jingle bells and holiday pins for all. Bells for wearing and making holiday noise. Pins for displaying on their coats and adding a little festive flair.

Didn't we all have those little Santa pins we'd put on our coats at Christmas time? Well, Jason and I did. Funny how you remember them 30 years later, but couldn't recall more than a gift or two (if that) you received any particular Christmas off your wish list.

Note: Trace's important cell phone call is to 911 in regards to his Santa's lost right arm (which can be viewed upon enlarging). How he managed to maim the poor St. Nick within three minutes of staking claim to him is still under investigation.

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